Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Ideal API

All APIs are not usually created the same. For each specific task, you are likely to get multiple competing APIs. These APIs use different approaches and give varying levels of support and documentation, which should be taken into consideration when choosing API to use.

Customer support is critical as well, we had one of our best experiences with an API when The support team helped us through a customized integration of an appointment booking API tailored to our needs. Here are things you need to consider when choosing API.


You need to check how comprehensive the documentation of the API is. Check that the examples are clear, and parameters are explained properly. It would also help if you got a glimpse of how the API’s implementation will look from the documentation.


You should browse through the API and take a keen look at the parameter and method names. Check that they clearly convey the purpose. They also need to fit your preference in terms of the naming conventions. Some providers nowadays try to be smart and use HTTP verbs and custom headers, which they may not be trivial to program against. This may either be beneficial or a drawback to you, depending on how you view this.

Language Support

Based on the complexity of a specific API, having ready support for your preferred programming language in the form of example scripts or an SDK can be invaluable. Existing libraries can save you time on debugging and development. The absence of language support raises the onus on having perfect documentation as you will be developing against it.

Data Format

In the past, XML was the king, as far as the programmatic request data format is concerned. JSON has emerged since then, and it is lighter and an easier alternative to use. Some APIs, however, still use the URL encoded string. Look for your ideal API based on your preferred data format.api data format

API Limits

You will need to employ request thresholds per API if you go for those with public-facing data. Such limits are used to prevent abuse or motivate people to upgrade your account; however, they add overhead and complexity from the developer’s perspective. You should manage your request rate and ensure you do not hit the API limits. Check that the overhead is right for you, and if there are competing APIs that offer higher limits.

Understanding the Internet of Things

Internet of things is a big deal in the modern world. The idea of IoT is all about connecting devices and networks for exchange of date. The connection of data is essential for collecting information and improving the way things are done.

In recent years, IoT has changed the way things are done, and it continues to improve due to technology. Unfortunately, many people do not still understand the concept of IoT. IoT might be a technical concept only meant for tech experts, but it is still possible to understand the basic. Here are some basic about IoT:

Sensors of Important

We cannot talk about the internet of thing without talking about sensors. Sensors are essential in measuring and collecting information. With the variety of applications, we have sensors for measuring almost everything.

It all depends on the kind of information that you are planning to collect for in your network. For instance, we have sensors for measuring light, temperature, sound, humidity and other aspects. For the success of the internet of things, it is essential to make sure that you have the right type of sensors.

iot hardware

You Need to Have a Strategy

Internet of things is great for collecting information and efficiency. However, it is not as simple as it seems. You need to make sure that you have a strategy. Having a strategy will make the implementation of IoT easy and straightforward.

When setting up a strategy, there are various things that you need to ask yourself. Ask yourself how you are going to use the information that you are going to collect. With this information, you can know how you are going to collect the information exactly.

Analytics is Everything

There is no point of collecting data if you cannot use it. You can use the data that you collect after properly analyzing it. Data analysis is important so that the data that you collect can help you.

As much as implementing IoT is important, you need to think about analysis. Make sure that you implement analytics. The analytics should be in real time so that the data can be analyzed as soon as it is collected.

internet of things

Diversify Your Data Sources

Diversifying your data sources is very important. The more data sources you have, the better it is for you. You need to make sure that you collect data using data management software to complement your current methods of data collection.