Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Ideal API

All APIs are not usually created the same. For each specific task, you are likely to get multiple competing APIs. These APIs use different approaches and give varying levels of support and documentation, which should be taken into consideration when choosing API to use.

Customer support is critical as well, we had one of our best experiences with an API when The support team helped us through a customized integration of an appointment booking API tailored to our needs. Here are things you need to consider when choosing API.


You need to check how comprehensive the documentation of the API is. Check that the examples are clear, and parameters are explained properly. It would also help if you got a glimpse of how the API’s implementation will look from the documentation.


You should browse through the API and take a keen look at the parameter and method names. Check that they clearly convey the purpose. They also need to fit your preference in terms of the naming conventions. Some providers nowadays try to be smart and use HTTP verbs and custom headers, which they may not be trivial to program against. This may either be beneficial or a drawback to you, depending on how you view this.

Language Support

Based on the complexity of a specific API, having ready support for your preferred programming language in the form of example scripts or an SDK can be invaluable. Existing libraries can save you time on debugging and development. The absence of language support raises the onus on having perfect documentation as you will be developing against it.

Data Format

In the past, XML was the king, as far as the programmatic request data format is concerned. JSON has emerged since then, and it is lighter and an easier alternative to use. Some APIs, however, still use the URL encoded string. Look for your ideal API based on your preferred data format.api data format

API Limits

You will need to employ request thresholds per API if you go for those with public-facing data. Such limits are used to prevent abuse or motivate people to upgrade your account; however, they add overhead and complexity from the developer’s perspective. You should manage your request rate and ensure you do not hit the API limits. Check that the overhead is right for you, and if there are competing APIs that offer higher limits.

Understanding the Internet of Things

Internet of things is a big deal in the modern world. The idea of IoT is all about connecting devices and networks for exchange of date. The connection of data is essential for collecting information and improving the way things are done.

In recent years, IoT has changed the way things are done, and it continues to improve due to technology. Unfortunately, many people do not still understand the concept of IoT. IoT might be a technical concept only meant for tech experts, but it is still possible to understand the basic. Here are some basic about IoT:

Sensors of Important

We cannot talk about the internet of thing without talking about sensors. Sensors are essential in measuring and collecting information. With the variety of applications, we have sensors for measuring almost everything.

It all depends on the kind of information that you are planning to collect for in your network. For instance, we have sensors for measuring light, temperature, sound, humidity and other aspects. For the success of the internet of things, it is essential to make sure that you have the right type of sensors.

iot hardware

You Need to Have a Strategy

Internet of things is great for collecting information and efficiency. However, it is not as simple as it seems. You need to make sure that you have a strategy. Having a strategy will make the implementation of IoT easy and straightforward.

When setting up a strategy, there are various things that you need to ask yourself. Ask yourself how you are going to use the information that you are going to collect. With this information, you can know how you are going to collect the information exactly.

Analytics is Everything

There is no point of collecting data if you cannot use it. You can use the data that you collect after properly analyzing it. Data analysis is important so that the data that you collect can help you.

As much as implementing IoT is important, you need to think about analysis. Make sure that you implement analytics. The analytics should be in real time so that the data can be analyzed as soon as it is collected.

internet of things

Diversify Your Data Sources

Diversifying your data sources is very important. The more data sources you have, the better it is for you. You need to make sure that you collect data using data management software to complement your current methods of data collection.

What You Need to Know About ISO 27001

The term ISO 27001 refers to an international standard of information security that governs the rules of Information Security Management system, or what has been referred to as ISMS by many business developers. The presence of the process-based standards has been prevalent these days as more and more companies of any scale have been using the service to protect their most important company assets, which is the information. The subject is typical for those company owners, and they know the risks and threats that a company faces once their confidential information leaks to the external parties.

The external parties can use the information to create several internal issues, especially the ones that involve stocks and profits. The system collaborates with the ongoing management system to come up with the best control systems and digital procedures to make sure that the digital vault where all the information is stored is unbreakable.

a woman using laptop

The Popularity

As companies are dependent on the internal information, it is vital to make sure that the information security system is working well. Thus, it is not surprising that using the service has been a trend among many companies and businesses. Their ultimate goal is to create a safe environment within the company to make sure the flow of information is going well and does not involve any external parties. It is indeed vital that a company’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability are secured.

Achieving the label of the service explicitly implies that a company is successful in meeting the security standards set by both the public domain and private party. It also means that each of the mentioned party is complying well with the regulations as well as taking such responsibilities seriously to meet the need of the customers. It is the reason why the process of certification can be complicated in some cases since the involvement of the external assessment is inevitable.

The Development

As the service has been an existing trend for the last ten years since it was first introduced in 2005, the service has also been a subject of changes and multiple revisions. One of the primary goals that the accredited boards are trying to achieve is to provide the companies within its territorial limit with a secure flow of information as a strong base for the entire business. The system standards are also undergoing several developments that include the security objectives, metrics, and measurement.

Finding The Best VHF Marine Radio

With the unpredictability that are involved while sailing, having a perfect VHF Marine Radio is something you cannot afford to miss. However, it is good to understand that the market for these important devices has become large and complicated. This, therefore, makings it very difficult for anyone who what the best vhf marine radio.

Once you realize the benefits of having a VHF marine radio, you need to figure out what your needs are and after that, you go for the best. Get to gather as much information as possible about the gadgets from the internet. In other words, giving research priority is very recommendable. You also need to be keen on the seller that you choose as there are some who are notorious for selling counterfeit products.


man using walkie talkieA VHF marine radio can be GPS or DSC. So here, you need to have a proper understanding of what your needs are. A DSC allows you to send alert signals to other marine vessels and therefore bringing rescue to you when most needed. It is, in fact, better than what used to exist sometimes back where you could send signals to anyone that they could reach.

GPS, on the other hand, is a more advanced type of VHF marine radio. It is functionality and efficiency are more desirable when compared to DSC. This is because they have the capacity to help you locate others as they can also locate you easily. So if you are planning for long journeys where you are likely to experience a lot of risk situations, then you need to buy yourself a GPS VHF marine radio.


When buying a VHF marine radio, you also need to consider how it looks. The reason why you need to buy something that is attractive to you is that you will rarely forget to carry them with you. You will always tend to have them close to you since you will be attracted to them. So before you choose one, think about the color, size and the overall design. Going for the one that is small enough to fit in your pocket is very recommendable. Always go for what you think that is the best for yourself and your safety.


VHF marine radioAnother important factor that you need to consider before buying VHF marine radio is the features that it contains. You need to understand that different VHF marine radios will tend to have different features. Now that the technology is moving at a very high speed, always make sure that you go for the ones with latest features. This can only be achieved if you make use of the internet and other reliable sources to do your research.

Untold Facts About GPS Fleet Tracking

For most individuals and business owners with fleets of vehicles hiring people to drive them is not just enough. These vehicles also need to be monitored to ensure that they perform optimally while drivers are safe and responsible with your assets. GPS fleet tracking is a system that provides you with real-time information that enables you to manage your vehicles at any place or time.

How GPS Fleet Tracking WorksGPS Fleet Tracking

GPS hardware is installed in your vehicles where it can be difficult for any person to tamper with. The device will use the satellite to send signals to you and any other users allowed to access the data and alerts from the vehicles. The data is usually transmitted from the vehicle direct to the software operator and finally to you the owner.

The data collected by the system may include fuel mileage, routes used, the condition of the vehicle, driver behavior for safety and accountability for any given duration. All the features included is aimed at improving the workflow and enhance safety and security of the car.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Improving fuel efficiency

With a GPS system, you can program it to a particular route that is short or has less traffic. Drivers too will not be tempted to use vehicles for other personal errands as they know the car is monitored.

Improving safety of the driver

Some of the safety features that come with the system include monitoring and the driving patterns of the driver and any aggressive driving by the driver.

Increased productivity

wheelMost trackers are programmed to record any idling by the driver and alert you immediately. The system improves the workflow of your fleets. Other software can be programmed with time schedules that require the driver to be at a particular place within a given period.

Reduction in running costs

The system is designed to enhance efficiency. By monitoring the vehicle’s data like fuel mileage, you will be able to spend less on fuel. The size of fleet looking that you want to be fitted with the GPS system should not be a worry. Getting the best system for your fleets is important. Know what features you are looking for in a gps fleet tracking gadget that will work well with your business. You will find that most fleet management systems offer several features that are just standard while other features will be offered at some extra cost.

5 Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone 5s

Jailbreaking an iPhone 5 will allow you to access new features that Apple would not ordinarily permit you to access. There are many other reasons you should opt to jailbreak your iPhone 5. Among them include:

Total CustomizationiPhone 5s

One of the biggest drawbacks of iOS as compared to Android is that on iOS there is no customization. While many users regard iOS as being easier to use compared to other operating systems, there is not much customization you can do on the Apple’s mobile operating system.Thus, it is important to jailbreak so that you can be able to customize the operating system to your heart’s desire.

There are many applications or tweaks which you can install, and that can change most things about your iOS. For example, when you jailbreak iphone 5s you do not like the font, there is a tweak that can change that. And in case you want to hide stock apps which you do not use, there is a tweak for that as well. The customization offerings are many if you jailbreak your iPhone. Moreover, there are new cool tweaks every day- which Apple may not implement otherwise.

Extra Features

Jailbreaking an iPhone does not just let you customize your phone’s iOS, but lets you add completely new features as well. For instance, there is a slew of recently released tweaks, which permit users with iPhone 5 and older to access the features of iPhone 6S such as Live Photos and 3D Touch- functions that are typically exclusive to iPhone 6S. It is noteworthy that 3D Touch employs an entirely new display technology, and by simply long-pressing, you can simulate 3D Touch’s Quick Actions on the older iPhones.

Get Rid of iOS Annoyance

iPhone 5sAs much as iOS is an excellent operating system, some things annoy its users, and jailbreaking can eliminate some of these annoyances. For example, to remove a notification from the Notification Center you always have to tap twice. If you jailbreak your iPhone 5, you can access a tweak that can permit you just to tap once to remove a notification. Moreover, you can also install a tweak that deletes a feature that you do not use, thus, freeing up some space in your device.

Better Security and Privacy

Some people claim that jailbreaking your iPhone 5 will make hacking it easier and will expose it to malware. But that is far from the truth. It has been proven that jailbreaking can make your iPhone 5 more privacy-aware and secure than before. All you need is a couple of tweaks that can improve the security of your iPhone. For example, there are tweaks which can prevent a thief who has just stolen your phone from shutting it down so that you may still be able to track it with the Find My iPhone app.

Technology Is Changing Lives In These Challenging Times

Technology has advanced to a level where we cannot run our lives without it. It has become part of our normal daily activities. The great discoveries and innovations that have been made in the recent past have defined our livelihood. Technology is changing lives in these challenging times.Here are some of the areas in which technology has had a great impact in the recent past.


Business sectorTechnology

Technology has redefined the business community. Communication between businessmen and clients has been made faster and easier through the use of Skype and emails. An upcoming business person can look for investors online and share their ideas with them. Professional advice is now available on a worldwide platform

Banking sector

Walking around with hard cash made people vulnerable to theft and burglary. The days of carrying around hard cash are long gone. Technology companies have made it easier for people to walk around without hard cash. People can use smartcards to do shopping and even pay for food in the restaurant.

Personal health

Advances in technology have made it easy for one to do personal heath check from the comfort of their house. There are mobile applications that can be installed on smartphones and be used to check blood pressure, oxygen levels, and other health parameters. Some of the checkups that people used to go to the doctor for can now be easily done at home.


Technology has helped to safeguard property and even individuals. Homes can now be monitored by web-based cameras. There are high-tech scanners that are used to detect the most sophisticated bombs and weapons. Technology has made this world a safer place.


The entertaimachinenment sector has been revolutionized with the advancement in technology. There are very many interactive video games that people play from their Smartphones. Movies and television shows can now be streamed live using applications. The days where people were prisoners of television programs are now gone.


Learning has never been this easy. The internet is now full of resourceful materials that can be used in any area of research. This has enabled people to acquire information easily and advance faster in their studies.

As much as technology is changing lives in these challenging times, there is a lot that is expected shortly. There are ideas such smart homes, robotics and 3-D printing that have not been fully explored. Even with the changing times technology has a lot in store for the future generation.