The best RAM for gaming in 2017

For the gamer looking for a little quicker function than what standard machines using standard memory can provide, a quick RAM change will do. Memory is an incredibly important component for the ultimate gaming experience. A common question among first-time gamers is the amount of memory needed for absolute functionality. Whether you are building a gaming rig or upgrading to get an extra edge on your competition, it all comes down to the RAM you pick for your gaming. In this article, I’ll give you my thoughts on the capabilities and types of RAM available in the world today.

G.Skill Ripjaws

computer partIf you are looking to boost quality and you are willing to spend, you should go for the G.Skill Ripjaws. With 8.9/10 ratings, G.Skill Ripjaws is ranked among the best RAM for gaming. The Kit size is 8-32 GB, with speeds of 2400MHz. It is the best-recommended option for system builders and hardcore gamers. It has a latency of 15 and voltage of 1.2V. If you are looking for DDR4 memory, then you would want to consider the G.Skill Ripjaws. It is what performance user’s use and trust.

Crucial Ballistix Sport

Another one of the best RAM for gaming you can get yourself is a Crucial Ballistix Sport. If you don’t mind big fancy heat spreaders, then the Crucial Ballistix Sport is the RAM for you. The Kit is available from 4GB to 32GB, with speeds of up to 2400MHz and a latency of 16. The voltage is set at 1.2v. If you are working on a budget, you will be looking with DDR3 memory, and as such you will need the Crucial Ballistix Sport.

Corsair Vengeance

Corsair Vengeance is another solid option for the best RAM for gaming. Probably the most popular RAM among gamers, the kit size is 8-32 GB, with speeds of 1600MHz, and a latency of 9. One downside is that it is designed with excessively tall heat spreaders which are not a problem if you are using stock coolers for your CPU. This standard kit works just fine for just about every setup.

Kingston HyperX Fury

This DDR3 kit is just as competitive as the DDR4 kit regarding price. It is rated 8.6/10 among the best RAM for gaming. This affordable set of memory has a kit size of 4-16GB with speeds of 1600MHz and a latency of 9. The nicest looking memory given it comes in four different colors-red, white, black and blue.

Patriot Signature

part This set of memory of speeds of 1600MHz is straight-forward and should do the trick for any gamer. The kit size is 8GB and has a latency of 11. Despite its low latency, the Patriot Signature is one of the more affordable options of all DDR3 RAM. The voltage on the Patriot Signature is 1.5V. This should get the job done.


The overall performance difference between a RAM of 3200MHz and 1600MHz is quite significant. Although this list covers the best RAM for gaming according to my opinion, developers are bound to come up with better performance to price efficiency solutions for gaming in the future.

Tips for Choosing the Best Sharp Image Drone

The introduction of drones has made life a bit easier and more relaxed. The technology used is applicable in multiple industries in the world. The process of taking aerial pictures is now a simple task when shaper image drones are used. Videos can also be recorded conveniently from different positions. Some organizations apply the shaper image drone technology for surveillance of their premises. This is mostly applicable in surveilling hazard areas to humans.

We understand that many manufacturers seek the attention of individuals and industries that require drone services. They, therefore, end up manufacturing different brands to suit the customers’ needs. This again confuses when one is buying the drones.

You cannot make the right choice from the multiple options of drones available in the market. However, some considerations must not be overlooked when choosing the right sharper image drone. The following tips will help in selecting the best sharp image drones.

Battery Life

playing drone during sunset

The battery is an important part of a sharper image drone. When buying a drone, ensure you check the descriptions of the cell. Know how long the battery can sustain the drone in surveillance. Do not make mistakes, buying a weak battery will inconvenience you activities especially if you entirely depend on the drones. The best battery life takes at least 30 minutes in the air. Although the battery depends on the quality of the drone.

Quality of Camera

The sharper image drone is used to capture pictures and videos from the elevated position, and the camera is the primary factor here. If you want clear and quality photos, you must buy a drone with a high-quality camera. For better pictures and videos, choose a camera that is either ultra 4k, full HD, and HD. The settings of the camera should offer many options such as white balance and a better photo resolution.

A camera that shoots full HD videos and stiff pictures come with a professional drone; therefore, do not expect a low-quality drone to own a quality camera. Additionally, the camera should be able to rotate and take pictures from different angles.

Additional Features

When you buy a sharper image drone, various additional features make it perfect for aerial photos and videos. Look for additional features such as a USB cable for transferring videos and pictures to other storage devices.

Choose a stabilizer that will boost the drone to take clear and perfect videos. The drone should also have Led lights from all sides to enhance visibility when the drone is in the dark.

Easy to Operate

aerial view

Buying a drone that is difficult to operate is not realistic at all. Ensure you can manage to apply the necessary settings correctly to capture quality photos and videos. However, ensure that the performance and functionality of the drone are maintained maximally to have the best experience. The remote controller of the drone should have a friendly user interface. Automated drones should be your top priority because it is simple to configure and operate.

Features of a good TV for gaming

Gaming on television is very interesting. This is especially if you are gaming as a group. Sitting on the floor or the sofa and playing with friends is the best thing to do on the weekend. The challenge comes in knowing the features of a good television for gaming. It is not all the television screens that you see around that can be used for gaming. A TV for gaming should have specific features. The modern televisions have features that are needed for gaming. Before you commit your money to buy a gaming television, take time and learn the features.

Gaming television

Screen size

The reason why many people opt to use a television screen for gaming is thTV for gamingat of the size. Computer and laptop screens are usually small, and this is likely to be boring if you are playing as a group. The bigger the screen, the better the gaming experience.

However, not everyone has the luxury of getting a big screen because this also comes at an additional cost. The ideal tv for gaming is from 48 inches onwards. Buying a smaller screen like 21 inches is a waste of time because most of the laptops offer something close to that.

HD or Ultra HD

This refers to the native resolution of the television, and this is what determines the quality of pictures. The normal high definition has a resolution of 1080pixels, and this is the standard for many televisions and even laptops.

However, the Ultra HD offers four times more than the normal HD, and this means more clarity of pictures. However, it is advisable to get the Ultra HD if you have a larger screen above 65inches. Gaming is more fun when the picture quality is high.

Smart or basic televSmart televisionsision

Smart televisions have a lot of capability and especially for gaming. You can stream directly from the internet because smart televisions usually have web browsers for internet connectivity. Internet connectivity is the dream of every gamer, and this is a very important feature when choosing a gaming television.

Viewing angle

If you want a television for group gaming, then the viewing angle is very important. The television that you buy should accommodate the viewing anger no matter the position where the gamers are sitting. This will avoid the inconvenience of poor viewing angle.

How Can You Easily Buy League Of Legends?

About the game

League of Legends is a highly popular, classic, and featured online multiplayer game with its unique design and playstyle. The game mainly runs with three modes: Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, and Twisted Treeline. League of Legends is a free downloadable game, and you can download it from their main website. The major strategy behind this game is to control the characters or champions to win and unlock the subsequent levels.

Easily buy League of Legends?

In each game modes, you will come across wijmkmn23e6tedy23eu28i2th multiple champions. Each champion is having a set of unique abilities and augments. The champions will also allow you to play the game in a variety of ways. Initially, the champions begin at a very low level. Hence the player has to continue playing the game to gain and access more experienced champions levels. Buying the game will help you to unlock more champions easily and quickly. And unlocking new champions will add extra punch and excitement in your game.

How to buy League of Legends

Primarily, there are two different ways to purchase any champion in League of Legends. You can either use Riot Points, RP. Or, you can use Influence Point, IP. IP or Influence Points can be earned through experience. Each game that you play, either you win or loose, will award you some Influence Points. You can accolade these points to buy champions. But it takes considerable time to accumulate enough Influence Points to buy a champion.

Another quick solution to this encourages buying RP. Riot Points can be bought using real world money. It is completely easy to buy RP whenever you need new champions in your game. If you open the shop section under the game, you will see a Purchase RP icon. You can use any of the six below-mentioned purchase methods to buy an RP.

  • Using the credit card or debit card.
  • Using your PayPal account.jmk23edy237eu28i2
  • Using easy Mobile payment method.
  • Using play safe card.
  • Using your pre-paid gift cards.
  • And lastly, using your cash and gift cards.

Also, you can use the ‘Refer A Friend’ Program where through referring your friends to this game, you can earn Riot Points and Influence Points. Buying the champions are important in this game because certain champions are specifically designed to allow you play in a certain fashion. Be it a tanky or squishy, ranged or melee, support or damage dealer, the champions will help you playing and completing levels more easily and conveniently. You are free to learn more…

Best PC Gaming Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic is one critical feature of the PC gaming chairs. Gaming chairs for PC are increasingly becoming popular. This can be attributed to the fact that more and more people are playing computer games either for relaxation or just fun. Since the computer games are usually played for long hours, it is important to get the right chair. The right chair will not only make the players enjoy the game but also provide them with comfort which is needed when playing the game.



Your budget is critical as far as the best PC gaming ergonomic chair is concerned. How much money are you willing gaming ergonomic chairto spending on the gaming chair? You should note that you can get great seats at under $100 and at the same time get great chairs at over $500.

Some of the chairs under $100 are equally as good as some of the chairs over $500. Take your time and use the internet to search for the PC gaming chairs from the different manufacturers. Read the reviews and compare the costs so that you eventually choose the best chair that will suit you.

Adjustment options

The adjustment option is another feature that you should look out for when looking for a massage chair. Different games may need you to adopt different postures. It is therefore only fair for youtself for your chair to have this feature. Certain seats will adjust to whatever position that you will need.

The armrest is one important part of the body that needs support when you are enjoying your favorite game on the PC chair. The seat back is another crucial part of the chair that should be made in such a way that it makes you comfortable. It is recommended that you purchase a chair that can adjust from the straight position forward to about 25 degrees.


fancy gaming ergonomic chairThe materials used to make the chair should also be factored. This is because the material used will determine how sturdy your chair will be and therefore its durability. It is highly advised to buy a seat that has meshed on the back as it allows some breathing space. This gives the players comfort especially those who play for long hours or during the summer seasons. Seats made of leather are however more comfortable than those made of mesh. Such seats can be used during winter.