iPhone 6: Why It Is The Most Popular iPhone Ever

Well, it’s been quite some time that iPhone 6 has been launched. Being one of the most popular iPhones ever, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are all set to receive the iOS 10 update. But, the surprising thing is, even after almost two years of its launch, the iPhone 6 is showing pretty great sales numbers, compared to other smartphones.

So, the question arises, what’s with iPhone 6? While the phone is still pretty popular, is it worth the pocket pinch? Considering the rumors that iPhone 7 is entering the market this September, is it wise to invest on the iPhone 6?

This review attempts to find the answers to these questions here. Let’s consider the most important aspects of the iPhone 6.


iPhone 6The design is the first thing that you consider while holding a new phone in your hand. The essential consideration here is how the device feels in your hand. Here, undoubtedly Apple has surpassed expectations. The iPhone 6 is so far the sleekest offering by the technology giant. With 6.9 mm size, the iPhone 6 features a metal back and smooth edges. This design is a refreshing change from the earlier iPhone models.


Performance-wise the iPhone 6 is not much different than the earlier iPhones, except for a better battery life. Today when there are many smartphones that can last a full day without demanding to get charged, it was crucial for Apple to work on the battery life of iPhone 6. The company stood up to this challenge for sure. The iPhone 6 offers a much a longer battery life than iPhone 5.

Display and Resolution

While the iPhone 6 offers a delightfully large display, the screen resolution stays much lower than its competitors. Why Apple has not worked on increasing the screen resolution yet, has long been a debatable matter among industry watchers.

Pocket Pinch

The iPhone 6 was launched with a price tag of $649 for the 16 GB model in 2014. Today the price has dropped to $549 for the same one. Although it might look like a significant drop, in reality, iPhone 6 still remains the most expensive smartphone in its category. Here, the question is whether the pocket pinch is at all justifiable with iPhone SE offering almost all the same features with a slightly smaller screen size at $150.

So, what’s with iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 userThere is no doubt that iPhone 6 is till date the best offering of Apple in this category. But, if you are planning to buy an iPhone 6, it may not be the wisest decision. While the design and performance of the phone are above question, the price tag is still pretty high. And as ‘rumor has it’, iPhone 7 is about to make its debut this September, you may want to go for the newer version at slightly higher price.

In case you do not mind the pocket pinch, go ahead by all means. With iPhone 6 about to get the iOS 10 update, it can be safely said, that the iPhone 6 is not to be ruled out from the market yet!


5 Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone 5s

Jailbreaking an iPhone 5 will allow you to access new features that Apple would not ordinarily permit you to access. There are many other reasons you should opt to jailbreak your iPhone 5. Among them include:

Total CustomizationiPhone 5s

One of the biggest drawbacks of iOS as compared to Android is that on iOS there is no customization. While many users regard iOS as being easier to use compared to other operating systems, there is not much customization you can do on the Apple’s mobile operating system.Thus, it is important to jailbreak so that you can be able to customize the operating system to your heart’s desire.

There are many applications or tweaks which you can install, and that can change most things about your iOS. For example, when you jailbreak iphone 5s you do not like the font, there is a tweak that can change that. And in case you want to hide stock apps which you do not use, there is a tweak for that as well. The customization offerings are many if you jailbreak your iPhone. Moreover, there are new cool tweaks every day- which Apple may not implement otherwise.

Extra Features

Jailbreaking an iPhone does not just let you customize your phone’s iOS, but lets you add completely new features as well. For instance, there is a slew of recently released tweaks, which permit users with iPhone 5 and older to access the features of iPhone 6S such as Live Photos and 3D Touch- functions that are typically exclusive to iPhone 6S. It is noteworthy that 3D Touch employs an entirely new display technology, and by simply long-pressing, you can simulate 3D Touch’s Quick Actions on the older iPhones.

Get Rid of iOS Annoyance

iPhone 5sAs much as iOS is an excellent operating system, some things annoy its users, and jailbreaking can eliminate some of these annoyances. For example, to remove a notification from the Notification Center you always have to tap twice. If you jailbreak your iPhone 5, you can access a tweak that can permit you just to tap once to remove a notification. Moreover, you can also install a tweak that deletes a feature that you do not use, thus, freeing up some space in your device.

Better Security and Privacy

Some people claim that jailbreaking your iPhone 5 will make hacking it easier and will expose it to malware. But that is far from the truth. It has been proven that jailbreaking can make your iPhone 5 more privacy-aware and secure than before. All you need is a couple of tweaks that can improve the security of your iPhone. For example, there are tweaks which can prevent a thief who has just stolen your phone from shutting it down so that you may still be able to track it with the Find My iPhone app.