What to look for when buying a drone

Ideally, drones are very versatile. They can be used in photography, videography and also studies. They are also perfect for entertaining viewing and flying. These unmanned vehicles can be found easily, but do you know how to choose the best drones? With so many manufacturers, all claiming to be the best, the process of choosing may be a bit challenging.

Drones come various features, and there are several factors you should consider before making the ultimate decision. In this drone reviews, we aim at making the choosing process straightforward and enjoyable. These vital factors include;

Battery power

The battery acts as the sole source of power in a drone. Therefore, you should be keen on the battery’s capacity. Nearly all drones come with a Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery but with varying volts. Some batteries can power a flight distance of up to 980 feet.

You should choose the battery’s capacity based on the purpose of the drone. If you desire is to record long videos or survey very far distances, you require a drone with high power battery. However, fun flying and photography may not require a high power battery. Some drones come with an extra battery to ensure you fly more.

Storage space

SD cardAll drone feature an SD card to stores the recorded media. While some drones come with only 4 GB card others, have up to 8 GB Card. Other drones come with a USB slot to cater for massive storage requirements. The storage capacity determines the amount of data that can be saved without crashing your memory. If you are in the videography industry, you should choose a drone that has an ample storage space.

For photography, fun viewing and flying, you can buy a drone with small storage space. Most drones can able be customized to increase the storage capacity.

Average Flight time

The flight time is calculated in minutes; the number of minutes that a quadcopter can stay in the air with a single recharge. Most drones range between 15 to 25 minutes while some high-end models can fly for 30 minutes. The best drones have long flight time and are ideal for daily activities. You can also modify a drone to fly for a longer time. Choose a drone that can fly more with a single recharge.

Flight distance

How far can you fly the drone? Most quadcopters cover between 5KM to 25KM. The manufacturer may choose to limit the range due to safety and security issues. You should want a drone that travels the longest distance possible to make sure you record all the required data. However, some drones fly a short distance, and yet they capture much information.


Although the price cannot determine the best drones, it is crucial to consider the cost of a particular drone. You may think that expensive quadcopters are the best. However, some cheap drones perform high than the expensive models. Therefore, you should choose a drone according to your budget.

The Components/Accessories included in the set

Don’t forget to check what the manufacturer has included in the package. Some drones come with an extra battery, rotors, and other accessories. Ensure, the drone package include all the components that you require.

droneSelecting the perfect drone can be an uphill task. The above factors can aid you choosing the best make. You can also check other factors like manufacturer’s warranty. Purchase your drone from a credible store to avoid counterfeits. Ensure that you do not fly your drone in the no-go zones. If you have to fly through restricted areas, seek permission from the authorities. I believe, the guide above should lead you to choose the best drones.

Semi or fully automatic espresso maker – Which one is best for you?

Are you looking for the best espresso maker for you home? Have you searched for information about espresso coffee maker and found none? If you are still in doubt about the type of espresso machine to buy, then you have come to the right place. This article will provide all the information that will help you to choose whether to buy a semi or fully automatic espresso maker for your home.

Factors to consider before buying an espresso machine for your home


It is very important to get information about the duration a machine will work without a breakdown. It is also important to determine the capacity of the machine before purchasing it. The ability of the machine to handle high pressure is of great importance.

The type of grinder

Most espresso machines have either an inbuilt grinder or an attached grinder which is externally mounted. The espresso machines with inbuilt grinder have been found to be more efficient than then ones with external grinders.


Water holding capacity

It is very important to consider the number of people you are willing to serve coffee at any given time. Most espresso machines can hold up to a maximum of 8 cups of water.


How easily can you disassemble the espresso machine for it to be cleaned thoroughly? A good espresso machine is one that the user can be able to open all it parts clean them and assemble it again for use.

Appearance of the machine

It is always good to choose an espresso machine which will add the aesthetic value to your kitchen.

How easy can it be stored?

The size of the espresso machine will determine how easy it will be for it to be stored safely. The size of the espresso machine to be bought should easily fit in your kitchen cabinet.

using espresso machine

Semi or fully automatic espresso maker – Which one is best for you?
  • Semi-automatic espresso maker has a pump which provides pressure and the time of brewing is controlled by the user.
  • Fully Automatic espresso machine –It is almost similar to semi -automatic machine only that the brewing time and pressure is controlled by the machine instead of the user.

The semi-automatic espresso machine is ideal to be used at home because it is easy to clean and store.Fully automatic espresso machine is meant for commercial purposes where the quantity of coffee consumed is high. This article is a must read for coffee lovers to help them buy their preferred espresso machine for their favorite drink!

mStand For MacBooks – Benefits

Whether you are a traveler, road warrior, or just a casual, portable stand for your laptop is a great companion. The laptop mStand is one such product designed for Apple MacBooks. It improves your posture and helps you work comfortably by raising your notebook to the same ergonomic height. Especially if you are always on the move, this portable stand will benefit you greatly because it is lightweight and compact, making computing much more of an enjoyable experience.



If you use the laptop for moderate to long periods, you may have experienced some discomfort in your shoulder and neck, perhaps your lower back too. The reason for this is a laptop violates the ergonomic needs.

mStand creates a mobile desk on the go and makes things a lot more comfortable. It comfortably slips over your lap, raising the screen to quit hunching. Since it elevates your laptop off the lap, there is also enough room for your laptop to breathe and cool off. The elevation also means your MacBook isn’t pressuring your lap so you can sprawl your legs out & be cozy.


They are available in a wide range of colors, including pearl, glass effect, these portable stands are solely designed for Apple MacBooks and Apple Pro. In addition to giving an ergonomic boost, mStand also has a built-in shelf to store loose papers while they are not in use. It is also perfect for home or office use as it takes off the strain from your body plus keeps your place neat and tidy.


It is made up of a solid aluminum piece so we’d say it is quite a match with the MacBook’s anodized and sandblasted finish. The aluminum piece acts as a heat sink and cools down your laptop.

The tilt deMacBooksign also helps with the airflow and brings the screen closer to your eyes, so you don’t have to put a strain on your neck or shoulder. Overall, the design is robust and helps considerably in transforming your MacBook into a stylish and stable workstation.

Keep in mind this portable stand isn’t limited to just travelers. The fact that it’s lightweight, healthy makes computing around the house or office much more comfortable. It is easy to take it along with you no matter where you want to use your laptop. The ergonomic stand is adjustable too and adapts to your needs. It holds its ground well regardless if you place it on hard surfaces such as tables or softer surfaces such as couches and beds.