Best Ways To Unlock Your iPhone 7

iPhone locking is described as being tied to one carrier irrespective of their high rate charges and poor services and cannot change to another preferred carrier. iPhone jail break will remove the restriction from the carrier and have freedom to use the preferred carrier of your choice.  Some Phone service providers have poor network availability, ridiculous fee charges, poor customer services and high international roaming fees and that is why we need to unlock our phones.

Unlocking your iPhone 7 iPhone 7

Software unlocking

One of the first unlocking methods that had hit the market, this method was locked by Apple, and it only worked for iPhone 3G. Currently, it is not working on iPhone with high version, from iPhone 4.

Hardware unlocking

It entails physical opening of the iPhone 7 and changing the internal hardware; it is not guaranteed as it is one of the illegal act done illegally by suspicious guys. One may lose the iPhone completely through this act hence not recommended.

IMEI unlocking

The most effective unlock of iPhone 7, IMEI is a unique code used to identify the phone. Every phone has a unique IMEI stored in the database by Apples including other identifying features such as storage size, year of manufacture, color, model number and whether it is locked to a particular carrier.

This is the number one most effective, safe, and permanent way of unlocking iPhone 7 and the best recommendation to anyone who wants to unlock their iPhone 7 likewise; it can be done by companies that do the services at a fee

Steps to unlock your iphone7

Method one-Carrier unlock

You need to contact the existing carrier – Let them be informed that you want to change your carrier provider, and this is only possible if the signed contract is over plus the payment.

Contact the carrier to be switched to – Most company will be happy to unlock iPhone from their competitors, as this provides an income to them.

Method t iPhone 7wo-third-party unlock

There are many companies online that sell unlock codes for the iPhone at a fee. Research more about the company and get reviews from their previous client and be aware of potential scams.

Phone unlocking is legal if done the right way, and if you are complete with your payment contract, then one can decide to unlock iPhone with varying reasons such as being away overseas and this adds the roaming charges that are expensive or avoiding poor network services and ridiculous charges on particular carriers.