Five Signs You Need Firewall Security & Anti-Virus

With the number of internet users rising every day, the chances for cybercriminals also keeps growing. If you are keen enough, you have noticed that we are becoming more dependent on the internet to carry out most of our communication as well as business. When online, you also have to take note of dangerous malware. Statistics indicate that malware attacks have skyrocketed worldwide. With multiple ways to exploit the systems that we use, you must ensure that we can pinpoint malware infection as well as other threats.

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It is the most effective way to protect your systems. The ugly truth is that most folks do not know how to tell if their systems have been infected with malware. Sometimes you might be confused by the different behaviors of your device, and it can be an uphill task telling whether it is the infections in the visited websites or technical issues. Presented below are some warning signs that show that your computer is infected with malware and needs a firewall as well as anti-virus.



In most cases, malware will slow down your operating system. That is not all. Some malware will interfere with your internet speed as well as the speed of your apps. Before concluding that your computer is malware infected, you should try to find out other causes first. For instance, a computer might be slow because of insufficient RAM, low hard disk space, hardware issues to mention a few. If everything is fine, then malware might be slowing your system down.

Frequent Crashes

If your system crashes frequently, then it is a clear indication that your computer is malware infected. If that is the case, you should take advantage of the latest antivirus as well as firewall security to kill and fight the malware that causes your system to crash often.

You Will See Pop-ups

The most annoying signs of malware infection are the pop-ups that frequently appear on your system. Additionally, the pop-ups also pose more threat to your device because some of them have concealed malware threats. Firewall security plus anti-virus protection will help you to fight malware that might destroy your system faster than you think.

Low Hard Drive Space

If your computer is constantly running out of space the first step that you should take is to get rid of the files that you no longer use. If the problem persists then the issue could be a malware infection. Some malware slows down your computer by filling up the available hard drive space.

Suspicious Hard Drive Activity

Another warning of a potential malware infection on your system is suspicious hard drive activity. If you realize that your hard disk constantly exhibits excessive activity while no download or program is running at the moment, then you should check whether your device has any suspect running app or not.

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If you are not keen on protecting your computer when online then the odds that an unknown person might take advantage of malware to access it are extremely high. The information in your computer should never fall in the wrong hands, and firewall security will effectively prevent that from happening.