Differences between The Canon EOS 7D Mark II and Canon EOS 70D

If you wish to upgrade from using an entry level Canon camera, you need to invest in a camera that will offer you a better photography experience. Your options will probably lead you to a contest between canon 7d mark ii vs canon 70d. Both models have great features and specs, which makes the decision to choose one over the other a bit challenging. However, a few difference between them can influence your decision. The ultimate choice will depend on your needs and preferences. Some of their main differences have been highlighted below.

Main differences


The Canon EOS 7D Mark II is designed to work at incredible speeds. If you wish to capture lots of action shots, it will make the better option for you. It is also quite good for full HD video. Having a rating of 10 frames per second for continuous shooting, it is up to three times better than 70D, for the same burst. That extra speed could be the only difference between capturing that perfect shot and missing it.


The 7D Mark II has 65 autofocus points, whereas the 70D has only 19 autofocus points. Autofocus assist in improving shot accuracy, which means the 7D Mark II offers greater accuracy than the 70D.


Canon EOS 7D Mark II uses a dual processor configuration to process the captured images and drive focus performance. It is also, what allows for very quick image capturing. It stores the captured images on either a compact flash card or SD card. On the other hand, the EOS 70D relies on only one processor and can save images only to one SD card.

Physical differences

dosfvsfvswfwnloadThe physical differences are a little more obvious. The EOS 70D has a much smaller body when compared to the 7D Mark II. It has a hinged screen, which is 3 inches in size, LCD. The hinging makes it perfect for shooting from unusual or uncommon angles. The 7D Mark II also has a 3-inch LCD screen, but it is fixed and might be a bit limiting for someone who is used to shooting with the display set at an angle.

Button layout

The design of the buttons and control is also a bit different. The 7D Mark II has a separate navigation stick, while the 70D has a multi-directional pad inside the rear control ring, for menu system navigation. Without the screen hinge, the 7D allows for some extra controls on the body of the camera to make more functions easily accessible.