Understanding the mSpy Software

Understanding the mSpy Software

mSpy is a cell phone tracking software. Finding a cell phone tracking software such as this is very simple. It is just downloaded and then installed on a compatible smartphone or tablet directly. Go to http://www.placepop.com/cell-phone-tracker/flexispy/ to find more about tracking mobile apps. After the software has been installed, it will start to record all the user`s activities and upload the data into an online account.

Then an individual will just log into that particular online account at any place provided he or she has an internet connection. That way, he or she will be able to see all activities that were recorded by the software at any time.

This software, mSpy, works on both tablets and phones. However, it is always important to make sure that the software matches the OS (operating system) version of the gadget.

Features of the mSPy softwaredgdfgdfgdfgfdg

1. It tracks location via GPS

The software can always show an individual the exact location of the tracked phone on google maps.

2. Read text messages

This app can record the contents of both outgoing and incoming texts every time they are received or generated. Therefore, one can see the texts and the phone number of the sender. Additionally, he or she can see the time that the messages were sent or received even if they have been deleted.

3. Call history

The mSpy app enables an individual to see all the outgoing and incoming calls. Besides, with the help of this application, one can view the number of calls made or received, the time those calls were made or received, the phone numbers, and the length of time that every call lasted.

4. Internet activities

The software also provides an individual with all the URLs of any websites that the user visited. Besides, the app monitors all the activities on Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, the app allows one to see the received or sent emails.

5. View photos and videos

This application enables an individual to retrieve and view all the videos and photos. The software will download all the videos and photos that were taken with the device and uploaded them to his or her account.

6. Restrictvgnbnvbnvnbvion of incoming calls and website blocking

This app enables an individual to restrict incoming calls from pre-defined numbers. Also, one can see all the installed applications, and there is an option to block any app. Moreover, one can block access to pre-defined websites.

7. Other features

Other amazing features of this software include keylogger, access address book and calendar, management and security features among others.